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1. Transiting Saturn square Saturn (July 21, 2004 - May 10, 2005), square Neptune (July 26, 2004 - May 17, 2005), square Ascendant (Aug. 9, 2004 - June 4, 2005); transiting Neptune square Moon (Feb. 28, 2003 - Dec. 23, 2005), square Venus (Feb. 27, 2004 - Dec. 20, 2006); transiting Uranus trine Sun (March 1, 2003 - March 4, 2004), trine Mars (March 15, 2004 - Jan. 9, 2006); all including 2° orbs. Progressed Venus conjunct the IC (June 19, 2005) and progressed Sun conjunct Pluto (Sept. 17, 2005).

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Agonized Artist
From The Mountain Astrologer, October-November 2004 (2)  

Q.  After struggling as a commercial artist for 25 years, my work has received national recognition, but I have not reached financial security. Over the years, my biggest success has been raising two very smart and secure children, while the financial strains of my career choice have taken a toll on my 25-year marriage, with my mate disappointed at our financial situation. I am at a crossroads; I must decide whether to continue as an artist, or perhaps change careers to something more practical that will eventually result in a better income. I am even considering medical school — a stretch at my age, but not impossible. Can I make this work practically, or should I pursue a new dream that may be more secure in hard times?.
— Agonized Artist

A. Call me crazy, but with 25 years invested in your profession, national recognition for your work and you being in your early 50s, quitting your profession to become a doctor does not seem like a practical solution. Your 5th-house of creativity (and procreativity) shows high artistic capacity: Both the South Node and Pluto in Leo indicate a powerful, even compulsive need to create. Pluto is the apex of a t-square with 1st-house Venus in Taurus (artistic capabilities) opposite a 7th-house Scorpio Moon (highly charged yet reserved emotions); this clearly underscores the significance of both creative expression and fatherhood for your emotional health. However, as you know, being a really good artist and a dedicated and loving dad won't pay the bills.

Birth Chart---Agonized Artist
Natal Chart - Agonized Artist
Source: Hospital records

Based on your chart, I'd say it's the challenge of becoming a successful entrepreneur that is holding you back. With most of your planets beneath the horizon and your Saturn-Neptune conjunction in close opposition to your Ascendant, selling your work is extremely uncomfortable for you. Inner conflicts around self-worth, creative expression, and wealth are indicated by 2nd-house ruler Venus in the above-mentioned t-square. Jupiter in the 2nd in the mutable sign of Gemini is in a hard aspect (semi-square) to 4th-house Mercury in Cancer, which amplifies your ongoing inner battle and mixed feelings about success. However, if you took a fraction of the time, energy, and money you would need to change careers and put it instead into business development, you would amaze yourself.

Approaching the crescent phase of the progressed lunation cycle (December 26, 2004) is the perfect time to build upon existing accomplishments. Continue to move toward your goals, despite challenging aspects from transiting Saturn (hard work) and Neptune (insecurity). For planetary support, transiting Uranus trines natal Sun and Mars, enabling the transformation of innovative ideas into enlightened action. At the same time, progressed Venus conjunct the IC with the progressed Sun conjoining natal Pluto show that you're more ready to step into your power in the world than you now realize.1 Ask yourself, as you move through this process: "What's scary about success?"

Let a seasoned artist's agent, or perhaps a rainmaking partner, leverage the awards you've won into new clients. Join a professional association, using your 11th-house Aquarian North Node to network. Though it will be initially challenging, consciously activating your North Node can bring both psychological and social integration into your life — not to mention new clients. Have you developed a marketing plan? If not, get professional help and create one. Find a coach who works with entrepreneurs to support your transformation into a thriving businessman. In short, dedicate the next several years toward creating a successful business, allowing the promise shown in your chart to fully manifest.

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