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1. Partile is defined as "within the same degree number. Notice that this is not an orb size. The Moon at 6° Leo 01' is partile Mars at 6° Leo 59', while the Moon in the same place and Mars at 5° Leo 59' … [is] not partile" (from J. Lee Lehman, Ph.D., The Martial Art of Horary Astrology, Whitford Press, 2002, p. 328). This exact relationship makes the aspect more powerful. A yod is a planetary configuration where one planet (or set of planets) is sextile (60°) another planet or set of planets, and both of these are quincunx (150°) to a third planet or set of planets. As with all minor aspects, I believe that the quincunx should be allowed only an extremely small orb, no more than 1.5°. Other astrologers disagree.

2. A t-square is a powerful and challenging planetary configuration where two planets (or sets of planets) are in opposition to each other, and each is also square (at 90°) to a third planet or set of planets. The focal point (or focus) of a t-square is the planet at 90° to the others.

3. The yod configuration is named after the Hebrew letter yud (or yod), a y-shaped glyph that represents the “presence of the divine.” This may be why the triangular yod configuration is also known as the “Finger of God” and represents a powerful calling or destiny. Read more about what Rabbi Howard Cohen says about the Hebrew letter yud.

4. Transiting Pluto squared the Ascendant and Mercury from February 2, 2002 to November 19, 2004.

Including 2° orbs, transiting Pluto trines the Sun from January 13, 2004 to November 1, 2006; transiting Jupiter trines the Midheaven from December 11, 2004 to September 2, 2005; Jupiter entered the 2nd house on November 29, 2004, retrogrades out of that house on April 9, 2005, enters it again on July 30, 2005, leaves it on December 27, 2005, re-enters the 2nd house on May 15, 2006, and finally leaves it on August 25, 2006.

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A Seeker
From The Mountain Astrologer, April-May 2005 (3)  

Q.  I am in a period of transition. Recently, my involvement coordinating a music festival ended, and I wonder if I should get involved with another large project or if I should resume writing? I began work on a novel several years ago, which I set aside because of the demands of the festival. Should I continue out there, working with people, or should I go inside and work by myself? I am not so interested in material success, more so in my soul's growth. Which direction will bear this kind of fruit? Also I've been told that I have a partile yod in my chart. Can you say how that may be influencing me now?
— A Seeker

A. Not surprisingly, your chart reveals innate talent for both active participation in the world, such as the music festival project (11th-house Part of Fortune, Venus, and the Sun trining Jupiter), as well as creative and original communications, exemplified by your rare partile yod1 highlighting both Mercury and Ascendant. Your ongoing conundrum around the “inside” versus the “out there” work issue is denoted by your two t-squares — one “pointing” above the horizon (public life) and one below (the personal realm).2

The upward-pointing t-square exemplifies your natural talent for bringing people together (10th-house Moon–North Node conjunction square the Mars–Jupiter opposition). Your responsive nature (Cancer Moon–North Node trine Neptune) allows you to smoothly facilitate solutions between opposing agendas, though at a personal cost: You get depleted over time and then long for a more solitary existence.

Birth Chart:  A Seeker
Natal Chart - A Seeker
Source: Birth Certificate

The downward-pointing t-square embodies your thirst for creative expression and a more remote existence (3rd-house Neptune square Sun–Venus opposite Saturn). It also indicates the powerful insecurities around speaking your truth (Leo planets and 5th/11th-house opposition). Freeing your stifled voice will become easier with practice (Sun–Venus opposite Saturn), and that’s where your novel fits in.

The tie breaker could be your partile yod. This “Finger of God"3 configuration involves a Jupiter–Saturn sextile (interactive participation in society), with both planets quincunx Mercury–Ascendant in Virgo (a powerful urge toward organization and self-expression). You clearly have something to say, with Mercury (communication) ruling both the Ascendant and the Midheaven (career). This planetary mandate is not to be ignored — it is destiny calling. And the time is now as you emerge from transiting Pluto square both your Ascendant and Mercury, imploring you to heed that call!4

Don’t make this an either/or situation. You obviously have talent and the capacity to blend periods of time writing in solitude with periods working in the public realm. By honoring both components of your nature, you’ll find that these two capacities intertwine in some magical, meaningful way.

From the time of this writing (December 2004) through late 2005, you have a fine opportunity to complete your novel and market it. With transiting Jupiter (opportunity) in and out of your 2nd house (financial resources) while trining the Midheaven (public recognition), this time can be well used to find an agent or a publisher. Meanwhile, complete your novel, harnessing transiting Neptune (imagination) through your 5th house (creativity) and also trining your Midheaven, offering additional potential for acceptance of your work, along with transiting Pluto trining your Sun all year (connecting to your calling with ease). Perhaps working with a life coach or a mentor novelist would be helpful.5

If you use this creative time fruitfully, I imagine you’ll again be interfacing with groups — but in an even more exciting capacity. What a deep, rich way to honor the promise revealed by your chart! As you move through this time filled with possibility, ponder “What does it mean to heed destiny’s call?” and then keep your ears wide open.

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