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1. This t-square involves the Sun/Uranus/Mercury in Cancer square Neptune in Libra and Jupiter in Aries.

2.Transiting Pluto opposes the natal Moon from January 12, 2002 until October 28, 2004 — beginning when Pluto first enters a 2° orb and ending when Pluto leaves that orb for the final time.

3. Transiting Mars squares the natal Moon from November 21–29, 2003 and then again from September 4–11, 2004. It conjoins the Moon from April 15–21, 2004. Transiting Jupiter squares the natal Moon from November 24, 2003 – January 20, 2004 and then again from July 19 – August 10, 2004. These dates include a 2° orb and are within the time frame when transiting Pluto opposes the natal Moon.

4.Learn more about the Progressed Lunation Cycle from The Lunation Cycle: A Key to Understanding of Personality by Dane Rudhyar, Aurora Press, 1967 and in the article, An Overview of Dane Rudhyar’s Approach to Cycles (TMA, 2/98), by Nicki Michaels.

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Battle Fatigued
From The Mountain Astrologer, Dec-Jan 2004 (1)

Q.  I am a clinical psychologist in private practice. I do a lot of psychological evaluations for the courts, especially in Child Custody Evaluations, and I provide expert testimony. Lately, I have had a series of setbacks in which my recommendations have been overturned, and I have been put through the wringer by unscrupulous attorneys who disagree with my findings. I am feeling battle-weary, unappreciated, and full of self-doubt. I wonder if I should give up this line of work and focus only on treatment. Would I be successful? And would I be happier?
— Battle Fatigued

A. With transiting Saturn trundling over your 2nd-house Cancer stellium, activating your natal t-square,1 it’s no wonder you’re feeling unappreciated. It’s only natural that your sensitive Cancer nature takes matters personally, while your natal Neptune–Jupiter opposition wracks you with self-doubt.

And if that weren’t enough, Pluto is now transiting your 7th house, opposing your natal Moon,2 adding to your feelings of being oppressed by “unscrupulous attorneys” who will do what they can to cut you down to size. Transiting Pluto is exacerbated by both transiting Jupiter and Mars, each of which squares your Moon at various times during your Pluto transit,3 periodically heightening your experience of persecution.

Natal Chart - Battle Fatigued
Source: Birth Certificate

To top it all off, you’re already feeling the early stages of the Last-Quarter square of the progressed lunation cycle, which is often experienced as a turning point where our deepest values are questioned and fine-tuned.4 This will peak in July 2004.

That being said, the exact conjunction of natal Uranus to your Cancer Sun, along with your Aquarian Midheaven, are the marks of a social activist; you were attracted to this work to speak the truth for those without a voice. Both your eloquence and your compassion are evidenced by your 1st-house Gemini Moon trining Neptune in Libra in the 5th house of personal expression.

Your natal 4th-house Pluto–Venus conjunction in Leo near the IC, trining natal Jupiter in the 11th, reveals other levels of your deeply caring nature: your capacity to create meaning from painful experiences and your courage when it comes to bringing to the light what has been kept in the dark.

Can you be successful, leaving your court work behind and focusing only on treatment? Yes, you can. You’re a genuinely resourceful businessperson (10th-house ruler in the 2nd, conjunct the Sun and Mercury), a natural networker (1st-house Gemini Moon, 11th-house Jupiter, Aquarian Midheaven), and an excellent psychologist (as described above).

Would you be happier without the court appearances? Perhaps in the short run — but sooner or later, the social activist in you would need another platform for change. Quitting your court work now might alleviate the short-term discomfort, but the current planetary energies would emerge elsewhere, creating new challenges for you to face.

If you can hang in and learn the deeper lessons, you’ll have a sense of meaning and understanding by late 2004, when Pluto completes its current transit. Transiting Jupiter trining your natal Midheaven (December 2004) will bring new career options and, as your progressed Moon conjoins your natal Ascendant (January 2005), you’ll sense what direction is best to take.

Meanwhile, before each court appearance, remind yourself that it is the job of these attorneys to attack their opponent’s professional expert: you! It’s up to the court to make wise decisions; that is not in your control. Then, put on your metaphorical suit of armor and prepare yourself for battle. Think of the child whose future you are struggling to preserve, and ask yourself: “What is it to be undaunted?”

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