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A t-square is a triangular configuration with two planets (or sets of planets) in opposition and a third planet (or set of planets) at 90° to them (square). This represents conflicting components of one's nature, depending on the particular planets and the particular house locations. Later in life, as conflicts are resolved, the t-square can become an asset.

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Destiny's Child
From The Mountain Astrologer, June-July 2005 (1)

Q.   I have a daughter who is both beautiful and theatrical. I bet all mothers say that, but in this case, most of the public agrees. Although she is only four years old, she is quite charismatic and dramatic. Many people suggest that I put her into modeling. Since I am a stay-at-home mom, this would be a feasible undertaking. I was wondering if you could foresee anything in her chart indicating that this would be a worthwhile or (dangerous) avenue to pursue. And when would be a good time to begin? I am tempted to go for it, to see if this is a child star in the making. Or am I just another overly proud parent?
Destiny's Child

A.  You are truly blessed to be the mom of such a talented and charismatic child. I can only imagine how thrilling it is for you to see the impact that she has on others and how their suggestions that you get her into modeling must impress you. Yet, your intuition senses danger in pursuing this possibility—and for good reason.

The magnetism of your daughter's personality is reflected in the close Sun-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius, signifying charisma and personal appeal. Her beauty and her desire to please are shown by her Taurus Ascendant and its planetary ruler, Venus, in Capricorn conjunct the Midheaven, revealing a capable, hardworking and often ambitious person who may mistake admiration, material success, and social status for the love that she seeks.

Birth Chart:  Destiny's Child
Natal Chart - Destiny's Child
Source: Birth Certificate

Her 11th-house Pisces Moon reflects her natural popularity and affinity for people. However, it also implies a deep need to please that can manifest as a tendency toward "psychic merging," possibly preventing her from discriminating between her own feelings and the desires of those around her. This predisposition is augmented by her Libra Mars (easily influenced by others) square her Capricorn Venus at the Midheaven (aspiring to meet other's expectations, no matter how taxing), making it difficult for her to know her own mind.

Complicating matters even further, her Sun, Pluto, Mercury, and the Moon are part of a t-square1 that includes retrograde Jupiter and Saturn. This shows the potential for a powerful conflict between her own strong nature (Sun-Pluto), your needs (Moon), and the demands of the greater world (Jupiter-Saturn) as well as the enormous challenge to find her own voice (Mercury in Scorpio).

he bottom line is: Yes, she might very well be a professionally successful youngster, but at such a high cost that it is clearly not worth the risk to her. I encourage you to lovingly support your daughter in a way that honors who she is inside while acknowledging her special beauty and talent. If she's thrown into professional situations at a young age, she may never find her own voice, and it is likely that she will strongly rebel as a teenager and perhaps fall into negative patterns, such as eating disorders or drug abuse (the above mentioned t-square).

The child-friendly alternative is to honor both her capabilities and her sensitivities. She can participate in amateur theater and other activities that develop her talent — but do so without professional and financial demands and expectations. Acknowledge that she is a very special girl who is highly creative, charismatic, talented, and eager to please. Let her own interests guide what she participates in. Help her to know her own mind, to discriminate between what others expect from her and what she knows to be her own truth (natal Venus trine Saturn and sextile Mercury). As she matures, encourage her to develop a strong value system, basing decisions on her internal compass rather than external praise or the desires of others (natal Venus square Mars). Gently support her and cultivate her through childhood, without external pressure to always look great and please everyone. If you encourage her in this way — if you relate to who she is, rather than how she looks and performs, you'll help her to eventually know her own worth and find her own way (natal Mars sextile Sun-Pluto and trine Uranus). Ask yourself "what is nurturance?" and let your heart guide you. She'll thank you someday for giving her the tools to create a centered and balanced life filled with meaning and success — all on her own terms and all in good time.

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