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1. Learn more about the Progressed Lunation Cycle from The Lunation Cycle: A Key to Understanding of Personality by Dane Rudhyar, Aurora Press, 1967 and in the article, An Overview of Dane Rudhyar's Approach to Cycles (TMA, 2/98), by Nicki Michaels.

2. Including 2° orbs, transiting Pluto conjoined natal Saturn from January 26, 2000 to November 7, 2002; squared the Midheaven from February 5, 2001 to November 16, 2003; squared Venus from December 14, 2001 to December 2, 2003; squared Mercury from December 31, 2002 to October 14, 2005; squared the Moon from January 26, 2003 to November 12, 2005; and squares the Sun from January 7, 2005 to October 28, 2007.

3. This t-square involves six planets and the MC/IC axis. It includes the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and the Midheaven opposite the Moon, Jupiter, and the IC, with Venus, Mercury, and the Moon square to Saturn. The Sun and Jupiter are both out of the 10° orb of the Saturn square, but because they are conjunct planets that are within orb, they too are considered part of the t-square. Read more about this planetary configuration in Astrology The Divine Science, by Marcia Moore, Arcane Publications, 1971, p. 516.

4. Including 2° orbs, transiting Saturn conjoins the natal Ascendant from July 10, 2003 to April 30, 2004; trines Venus from June 27 to July 28, 2004; trines Mercury from July 19, 2004 to May 7, 2005; sextiles the natal Moon from July 26, 2004 to May 17, 2005; trines the Sun from August 27, 2004 to June 22, 2005; sextiles Jupiter from September 18, 2004 to July 9, 2005; and sextiles Mars from October 12, 2004 to July 21, 2005.

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Hoping For Heaven
From The Mountain Astrologer, December-January 2005 (3)

Q.   I’m nearly 47, and my life has always been marked by sea changes; however, the past two years nearly take the cake! In that short time, I closed a decade living in Japan, returned to the States, lost a serious love relationship, moved to a brand new state, and started a brand new job. But I hate my job, the town where I'm living isn't working out, and of course I haven't been involved with anyone since that past relationship. I know Pluto's doing a big, long number on my personal planets. Am I destined to remain in earthly purgatory for years?!  
— Hoping For Heaven

A. Since your Progressed New Moon1 in May 2002, you’ve made some important choices that clearly have not worked out as you’d hoped. Still, self-identifying as a tortured soul will do nothing but keep you feeling powerless. There’s no denying that you are in the midst of what may well be the most long-lasting and profound period of transformation of your entire life, as transiting Pluto trundles through your 6th house,2 activating your angular mutable t-square.3 Will you choose to embrace this pivotal moment? Are you ready to shift patterns that have dogged you for years? Are you prepared to free yourself from a limiting past? To all of these questions, your chart answers yes!

The metaphorical death that Pluto implies brings along with it the possibility of rebirth. Based on your t-square, your challenge is to find the courage to fully show up in the world, without allowing your insecurities to limit you; to feel integrated, rather than disintegrated; and to stay true to yourself in the process. The key is to align your outer life with your inner experience, precisely what your natal t-square tends to block.

Birth Chart - Wondering About Wandering
Natal Chart - Hoping For Heaven
Source: Birth Certificate

Use the current planetary conditions to break lifelong patterns and take a powerful stand for yourself. You’re in the midst of a series of supportive Saturn transits, lasting through the spring, thus making it possible for you to identify a viable and value-based career in a location that suits you.4 You hate your current location and your current job — so don’t just endure this suffering, and don’t be shy about getting help. Hire a great career counselor or life coach to help you discover your best career choice and find a place that will support a satisfying life.

This is a huge opportunity to leave the sometimes crippling patterns of your past behind and create a life that works. Allow your intuitive Pisces planets to inspire you; use your Moon–Jupiter in Virgo as your compass and your Saturn as a reality check. Eventually, as you move into your fullness of being, your relationship patterns will shift, and you will very likely find the right partner, fulfilling the promise of your natal Part of Fortune near your Capricorn Descendant. Now go, girl!

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