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The sole purpose of the Ask Astro-Coach column is to demonstrate how an astrological perspective supports better informed decisions by providing deeper understanding of real-life situations. It is not meant to replace your own good judgment, nor the services of licensed professionals, such as psychologists, attorneys, physicians, or financial advisors.






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Nicki's astrological insights combined with life coaching wisdom might inform your important decisions. Explore the possibility of working with Nicki. Sorry, questions are no longer being accepted for the Ask Astro-Coach column.

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Questions About Life Transitions

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Stuck in the Mud (TMA 6/06)
There have been so many changes in my life that I've been on edge — taking care of my mother and losing a brother while moving. Then, at the beginning of last summer, my dreams revealed a move to another state and meeting my potential life partner. But our house never sold, and now I feel stuck...» See Question

Life Dancer(TMA 4/06)
My partner of 11 years found himself a new life. For awhile I've been ready for something new to come dancing into my life, but I'm stagnating. Is it Neptune in Aquarius that has me feeling that I'm missing something?...» See Question

Holy Grower (TMA 6/05)
I am due to retire after 35 years as a gardener for a religious order—but am torn by loyalty to continue as they wish, though I feel a strong need to change course completely...» See Question

In The Dark (TMA 2/05)
I was laid off from an 18-year career—when my wife filed for divorce—this has been one crazy year. Does Uranus in Pisces have something to do with the changes I'm going through?» See Question

Hoping For Heaven (TMA 12/04)
With Pluto doing a big, long number on my personal planets, am I destined to remain in earthly purgatory for years?!...» See Question

Wondering About Wandering (TMA 6/04)
I'm in the midst of a beautiful and expansive, yet frightening life transition (and) I am pulled in different directions...» See Question

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Clearly Confounded (TMA 10/05)
Was it a good idea to resign, or should/could I have stuck it out? I see very difficult transits, whose definitions say: “You feel like throwing in the whole business.” But should one should actually throw it in or wait until the feeling has gone away?...» See Question


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