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When life is perplexing--Ask Astro-Coach, the Q&A column combining astrological insights & life coaching wisdom written by San Francisco Life Coach and Astrologer Nicki Michaels. Home | Ask Your Question | FAQ | Your Comments          Visit Nicki Michaels' Beyond Sun Signs

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The sole purpose of the Ask Astro-Coach column is to demonstrate how an astrological perspective supports better informed decisions by providing deeper understanding of real-life situations. It is not meant to replace your own good judgment, nor the services of licensed professionals, such as psychologists, attorneys, physicians, or financial advisors.






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Nicki's astrological insights combined with life coaching wisdom might inform your important decisions. Explore the possibility of working with Nicki. Sorry, questions are no longer being accepted for the Ask Astro-Coach column.

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Ambiguous Guy (Online 2/07)
I struggle like a demon with my sexuality. You see I am attracted to men...but it is only with women that I feel 'real'. I agonize over my sexuality and simply don't know which way to turn...» See Question

Confused In Midlife (Online 1/07)
I'm a confused 41, and need help trying to figure out what to do with my natal Sun-Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the 7th house—within 2°! ...» See Question

Grief Stricken (Online 12/06)
I lost my beloved Scorpio 2 years ago. It seemed we waited a lifetime for each other and only had a short time together. I miss him so...» See Question

Xtreme Makeover(Online 12/06)
I am at an extreme crossroads in my life. While all of the changes spell opportunity for remaking my reality—I am, for the first time in my life, unsure of what I am doing...» See Question


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