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The sole purpose of the Ask Astro-Coach column is to demonstrate how an astrological perspective supports better informed decisions by providing deeper understanding of real-life situations. It is not meant to replace your own good judgment, nor the services of licensed professionals, such as psychologists, attorneys, physicians, or financial advisors.






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Nicki's astrological insights combined with life coaching wisdom might inform your important decisions. Explore the possibility of working with Nicki. Sorry, questions are no longer being accepted for the Ask Astro-Coach column.

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Questions About Planetary Dilemmas

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Bi-Cuspal(TMA 12/05)
I'm an astrological skeptic because there is so much emphasis on Sun signs when many of us are not really like our Sun sign. The world of astrology seems indifferent to "cuspers"...» See Question

Clearly Confounded (TMA 10/05)
Was it a good idea to resign, or should/could I have stuck it out? I see very difficult transits, whose definitions say: “You feel like throwing in the whole business.” But should one should actually throw it in or wait until the feeling has gone away?...» See Question

Confounded Mom (TMA 2/04)
With a Mars/Jupiter opposition in each of our charts, are my son and I destined to lock heads...» See Question

Birthday Blues(TMA 10/03)
My daughter has Scorpio rising and her Pluto is exactly on the Ascendant...» See Question

Peter Pan (TMA 10/03)
I'm very anxious to know whether my Saturn return has just begun and how long it will last (and keep kicking my butt)...» See Question

Curious Pisces (TMA 6/03)
With Uranus in aquarius these past seven years...I can't help but wonder how this transition will affect my life...» See Question

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About Face (TMA 6/06)
I have virtually no patience with others, and they none with me, yet I am striving for more loving relationships. My inner ears and eyes show me that people are not true friends. Is this my rising sign, or my Mars in Pisces?...»See Question

Double Trouble (TMA 4/06)
Is the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in my 7th house a relationship helper or killer? I'm having a very sad time with my Cancer husband. At the same time, I have incredibly powerful and sweet feelings for another Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon...»See Question

Life Dancer(TMA 4/06)
My partner of 11 years found himself a new life. For awhile I've been ready for something new to come dancing into my life, but I'm stagnating. Is it Neptune in Aquarius that has me feeling that I'm missing something?....» See Question

Saturn Impaired (TMA 2/05)
My question regards Saturn's ongoing influence in my life—it's conjunct my Moon and I've lived directly under my Saturn-Moon lines for the past 23 years...» See Question

In The Dark (TMA 2/05)
I was laid off from an 18-year career—when my wife filed for divorce—this has been one crazy year. Does Uranus in Pisces have something to do with the changes I'm going through?...» See Question

Hoping For Heaven (TMA 12/04)
With Pluto doing a big, long number on my personal planets, am I destined to remain in earthly purgatory for years?!...» See Question

Leos At The Crossroads (TMA 10/04)
My husband of 15 years and I are currently separated—he says he hasn't had sexual affairs, but I have recently discovered him having secret emotional friendships that have gotten out of hand...» See Question

Frustrated Pisces (TMA 8/04)
My question is about relationships—Can I have a life of peace and solace with Pluto and Uranus in the 7th house of partnerships...» See Question

Lemon Squeezer (TMA 6/04)
After 5 years of trying to conceive...I gave birth...to our miracle baby...How can I make lemonade out of all these lemons? » See Question

Muddled Guy (TMA 4/04)
I am completely stuck in many aspects of my life including career, marriage, and finances. I don't know if it is the fault of my t-square...» See Question


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