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The sole purpose of the Ask Astro-Coach column is to demonstrate how an astrological perspective supports better informed decisions by providing deeper understanding of real-life situations. It is not meant to replace your own good judgment, nor the services of licensed professionals, such as psychologists, attorneys, physicians, or financial advisors.






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Nicki's astrological insights combined with life coaching wisdom might inform your important decisions. Explore the possibility of working with Nicki. Sorry, questions are no longer being accepted for the Ask Astro-Coach column.

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NEW! December 2006 Online
NEW! Grief Stricken - I lost my beloved Scorpio 2 years ago. It seemed we waited a lifetime for each other and only had a short time together. I miss him so...» See Question

NEW! Xtreme Makeover - I am at an extreme crossroads in my life. While all of the changes spell opportunity for remaking my reality—I am, for the first time in my life, unsure of what I am doing...» See Question

June/July 2006 TMA
Stuck in the Mud - There have been so many changes in my life that I've been on edge — taking care of my mother and losing a brother while moving. Then, at the beginning of last summer, my dreams revealed a move to another state and meeting my potential life partner. But our house never sold, and now I feel stuck...» See Question

Wannabe Bride - I'm 41 and have never been married— and I want to be! I know some people would think I'm crazy, but I think we should all do it at least once...» See Question

About-Face - I have virtually no patience with others, and they none with me, yet I am striving for more loving relationships. My inner ears and eyes show me that people are not true friends. Is this my rising sign, or my Mars in Pisces?...» See Question

April/May 2006 TMA
Life Dancer - My partner of 11 years found himself a new life. For awhile I've been ready for something new to come dancing into my life, but I'm stagnating. Is it Neptune in Aquarius that has me feeling that I'm missing something?...» See Question

Double Trouble - Is the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in my 7th house a relationship helper or killer? I'm having a very sad time with my Cancer husband. At the same time, I have incredibly powerful and sweet feelings for another Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon...» See Question

Aquarian Soul's Mom - My son is 15 and starting his transition into adulthood. As I watch him tackle life's daily challenges, I am often confounded by the way his mind and heart are working. His independent Aquarian soul is plain to see...» See Question

February/March 2006 TMA
There was no Ask Astro-Coach column in this issue of The Mountain Astrologer.

December/January 2006 TMA
Bi-Cuspal - I'm an astrological skeptic because there is so much emphasis on Sun signs when many of us are not really like our Sun sign. The world of astrology seems indifferent to "cuspers"...» See Question

Out of Sync - I was recently fired after four months at a new job that I felt was really promising. I was also “laid off” from a pretty good job about two years ago, and four years ago I was fired from a job that was a bad match...» See Question

Reluctant Psychic - I have experienced several unusual and notable psychic experiences—from accurate premonitions to precognitive dreams. Do you see some clear-cut indication of this in my natal chart?...» See Question

October/November 2005 TMA
Perched On The Edge - I am at a crossroads—one critical to my long-term happiness and fulfillment. It feels like I'm perched on the edge of stunning success or total failure. Do I have what it takes?...» See Question

Everyone's Best Friend - My relationship issue just won't quit—When I find someone who rocks my world, they're never attracted to me. I'm so used to turning my sex drive off, I'm not sure I even have one anymore...» See Question

Clearly Confounded - Was it a good idea to resign, or should/could I have stuck it out? I see very difficult transits, whose definitions say: “You feel like throwing in the whole business.” But should one should actually throw it in or wait until the feeling has gone away?...» See Question

August/September 2005 TMA
Soul Searcher - Why am I rejected by those I love? My whole life I have been shoved away and made to feel like people would have a better life if I were not around...» See Question

Next Best Thing - I am a television host/actor/TV news anchor. I've been told by professionals, consultants, and viewers that I have star quality. I want to be big like Oprah or Rush, but my hope for any type of breakthrough is fading...» See Question

Portrait In Determination - I lost my job as Director of Marketing due to becoming symptomatic with a neurological movement disorder...I have started my own company helping others, emotionally and spiritually, to cope with the adversity in their lives, especially those with disabilities (such as) wounded soldiers returning from Iraq...» See Question

June/July 2005 TMA
Destiny's Child - I have a daughter who is both beautiful and theatrical, and only 4 years old. Many people suggest that I put her into modeling—is this a child star in the making?...» See Question

Lonely Heart - I have been told I have a romantically challenged chart—this area remains a serious mystery to me—why am I still single? Is there any hope?...» See Question

Holy Grower - I am due to retire after 35 years as a gardener for a religious order—but am torn by loyalty to continue as they wish, though I feel a strong need to change course completely...» See Question

April/May 2005 TMA
Waiting To Exhale - Everything I touch at the moment falls apart! My son has lymphoma; my car is a lemon and I'm home-hunting—yet I trust utterly what's happening...» See Question

Fool For Love - Will I ever find someone to have great sex with, that will also love me with no makeup? My mother said that no one will ever marry me as my children are too active...» See Question

A Seeker - I am in a period of transition. Should I continue out there—or should I go inside? I am not so interested in material success, more so in my soul's growth. Which direction will bear this kind of fruit?...» See Question

February/March 2005 TMA
Good Girl Twin - My brother was born a minute later than I by C-section—we seem to be total opposites in all ways and I wonder why...» See Question

In The Dark - I was laid off from an 18-year career—when my wife filed for divorce—this has been one crazy year. Does Uranus in Pisces have something to do with the changes I'm going through?...» See Question

Saturn Impaired - My question regards Saturn's ongoing influence in my life—it's conjunct my Moon and I've lived directly under my Saturn-Moon lines for the past 23 years...» See Question

December/January 2005 TMA
Lonely Forever - I feel shy and awkward, but others perceive me as dominating and demanding—this has caused continuous pain throughout my life and been the source of endless conflicts...» See Question

Renaissance Dude - I'm in my mid-thirties and I still can't decide what i want to do when I grow up—I have jumped from teaching to acupuncture to dot-com project management. Help!...» See Question

Hoping For Heaven - With Pluto doing a big, long number on my personal planets, am I destined to remain in earthly purgatory for years?!...» See Question

October/November 2004 TMA
Leos At The Crossroads - My husband of 15 years and I are currently separated—he says he hasn't had sexual affairs, but I have recently discovered him having secret emotional friendships that have gotten out of hand...» See Question

Agonized Artist - After struggling as a commercial artist for 25 years, I have not reached financial security—the financial strains have taken a toll on my 25-year marriage...» See Question

Depressed And Pregnant - I've always been an excitement junkie; living on the edge, 15 years traveling in the navy...but now with my two children half grown, I am pregnant again--why am I experiencing so much confinement...» See Question

August/September 2004 TMA
Sisyphus Redux - I have been plagued repeatedly in my life by losing all my assets. It is like that god destined to roll a rock to the mountaintop only to have it roll back down, then to start again...» See Question

Frustrated Pisces - My question is about relationships—Can I have a life of peace and solace with Pluto and Uranus in the 7th house of partnerships...» See Question

Longing For Connection - I have been single for almost 20 years—I need to make a major change, or forever accept being alone without any friends or lovers...» See Question

June/July 2004 TMA
Lemon Squeezer - After 5 years of trying to conceive...I gave birth...to our miracle baby...How can I make lemonade out of all these lemons?» See Question

Wondering About Wandering - I'm in the midst of a beautiful and expansive, yet frightening life transition (and) I am pulled in different directions... » See Question

Aspiring Author - After 20 years I left my career to write a novel—will I have a chance to publish it since no one seems interested in reading it...» See Question

April/May 2004 TMA
Gloomy Girl - Why is it that...I always get bypassed for career advancements feel like Linus with a dark cloud hanging over my head...» See Question

Muddled Guy - I am completely stuck in many aspects of my life including career, marriage, and finances. I don't know if it is the fault of my t-square...» See Question

Longing For Love - The relationships since (my divorce) seem like I'm revisiting with partners from previous lifetimes...like we've done this before...» See Question

February/March 2004 TMA
Relentlessly Burdened - Now for the proverbial fly in the chardonnay—my financial situation dogs me relentlessly...» See Question

Clearly Confused - I feel restless and long for something profound. In my daydreams, I imagine myself single and living a bohemian artist life...» See Question

Confounded Mom - With a Mars/Jupiter opposition in each of our charts, are my son and I destined to lock heads...» See Question

December 2003/January 2004 TMA
Battle Fatigued - I'm a clinical psychologist/expert witness...put through the wringer by unscrupulous attorneys...» See Question

In A Dilemma - I have always had a very stormy relationship with my family...but the older I get, the worse it seems to get—instead of better....» See Question

Impatient Beyond Measure - My grandmother [with whom I live ] suffers from dementia...to say I feel burdened would be quite an understatement...» See Question

October/November 2003 TMA
Peter Pan - I'm very anxious to know whether my Saturn return has just begun and how long it will last (and keep kicking my butt)...» See Question

Hopeful Health Advisor - I've started a new business as a health advisor...I would like to time a publicity campaign to maximize impact...» See Question

In The Dark - My daughter has Scorpio rising and her Pluto is exactly on the Ascendant...» See Question

August/September 2003 TMA
Holding A Torch - In late 1972, I met the man I loved most in my life...He was killed in a work accident ...» See Question

Web Goddess In Training - I have recently been laid off after 17 years...I hope to be employed again soon, but my age is a factor...» See Question

Teacher Learning - I have a degree in teaching elementary school, but I haven't been able to find a job in my field for 7 years...» See Question

Mighty Worried Mom - I sense my marriage is on the way out...I'm worried about my son's overall equilibrium...» See Question

June/July 2003 TMA
Wise Woman Mom - My daughter has Scorpio rising and her Pluto is exactly on the Ascendant...» See Question

On The Move - My husband and I are planning to relocate...to be near family and friends...Is this...good for us on many levels?» See Question

Curious Pisces - With Uranus in Aquarius these past seven years...I can’t help but wonder how this transition will affect my life?» See Question

Lost in the Woods - I am struggling to change my occupation...working up to 170 days straight without scheduled time off...» See Question


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