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1. Uranus first entered the sign of Pisces on March 10, 2003, retrograded back into Aquarius on September 14, 2003, and re-entered Pisces on December 30, 2003, where it will stay until May 27, 2010, when it moves into the sign of Aries until it retrogrades back into Pisces on August 13, 2010. Uranus leaves Pisces for the final time on March 11, 2011.

2. Including 2° orbs, Uranus conjoins the South Node from March 3, 2004 through December 22, 2005 and opposes Pluto from March 21, 2004 through January 16, 2006.

3. Transiting Pluto squares the natal Moon from February 13, 2002 through November 22, 2004; and squares the Midheaven/IC axis from January 18, 2004 through November 7, 2006.

4. Including 2° orbs, transiting Uranus conjoins the natal Moon from April 23, 2007 through February 17, 2009, the natal IC from April 23, 2008 through February 18, 2010 and the natal Sun from March 28, 2009 through January 19, 2011.

5. Learn more about the Progressed Lunation Cycle from The Lunation Cycle: A Key to Understanding of Personality by Dane Rudhyar, Aurora Press, 1967 and in the article, An Overview of Dane Rudhyar's Approach to Cycles (TMA, 2/98), by Nicki Michaels.

6. See footnote 4.

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In The Dark
From The Mountain Astrologer, February-March 2005 (2)

Q.   This has been one crazy year. I was laid off from an 18-year career with the same company when my wife of 18 years (a Virgo, I might add) decided to file for divorce. All this news was completely out of left field. Now, we are trying to reconcile. Why so many changes, and when will it end? Seems like I need some good news. A friend of mine told me Uranus in Pisces has something to do with the changes I am going through. Could you please shed some light on this? 
— In The Dark

A. It’s true that Uranus is in the midst of its seven-year transit through Pisces,1 the sign of your South Node, Sun, Moon, and IC. During 2004 (your crazy year) and this year too, Uranus is trundling back and forth over your South Node while opposing natal Pluto and the North Node,2 setting up unexpected circumstances that seemingly come out of nowhere like a lightning bolt. Major transits of the South Node often involve loss and have a “fated” quality to them. During these periods, we are reminded to take nothing for granted and to be grateful for all we do have. To compensate and to grow from these experiences, access your 9th-house Virgo North Node (conjunct Pluto) for inspiration — philosophical insights that support transformation in practical ways.

To complicate matters, transiting Pluto squared the natal Moon throughout 2004, challenging established patterns and relationships, especially your marriage. During the same period and through 2006, Pluto squares the natal Midheaven and the IC (the security axis), stirring up problematic underlying themes, both in your career (Midheaven) and your home life (IC).3

Birth Chart - Wondering About Wandering
Natal Chart - In The Dark
Source: Birth Certificate

These slow-moving transits take many years to complete and offer the possibility for deep growth and personal evolution, if we’re willing to do the work.4 Uranus and Pluto challenge you to reclaim your passion and to be ruthlessly truthful with yourself, about your career and your marriage. Examine what’s best for you, even if it means leaving your marriage behind. If you decide that you do wish to reconcile, review the relationship from your wife’s perspective, owning your part of the problems. Even so, expect a long and intense personal transformation, whatever the outcome.

While there’s surely more to come in your Uranus-and-Pluto saga, the good news is that you will ultimately gain by boldly confronting the challenges you face: It’s the alchemy of turning dross into gold. If you do the hard work now, illumination (coupled with deeper understanding) will emerge by mid 2006 at your Progressed Full Moon (August 27, 2006).5 These insights will be put to good use later, as Uranus ultimately conjoins your Moon, IC, and Sun before changing signs.6

Trust that you won’t lose what is meant to be yours. Ask yourself “What’s easy about letting go?” and allow the answer to propel you into a new, exciting, and promising phase of your life.

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