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1. Your Mars–Moon conjunction, straddling the Midheaven, opposes Pluto and Uranus, straddling the IC, and squares Saturn and the Sun, as well as Venus and Mercury, on either side of the Ascendant. Using 10° orbs, not every planet is square to or in opposition to every other planet in the configuration, but they are all tied together, and I count this as one big t-square involving the angles.

2. The six-pointed star is composed of Moon–Mars (Midheaven) trine Neptune trine Venus–Mercury. Jupiter trines Pluto–Uranus (IC), and Uranus trines Saturn. The Moon sextiles Jupiter, which sextiles Neptune, which sextiles Pluto (IC), which sextiles Mercury. Mars–Moon (Midheaven) opposing Pluto–Uranus (IC) is also part of this configuration. While I don’t generally use 10-degree orbs for sextiles, it is appropriate when slower-moving planets are involved, such as Jupiter and Neptune, since they stay in relationship with each other over a longer period of time. For more about star patterns, see Dane Rudhyar, Person Centered Astrology, Aurora Press, 1980, p. 218.

3. The classic eight-pointed star pattern consists of two interlaced grand crosses (two sets of oppositions connected by squares), with semi-squares connecting each point. In this chart, there is no complete grand cross, but 7 out of 8 points do hold planets. The points are: Saturn, the Moon, Neptune, Pluto, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. Planetary support is found in the grand trine including the Sun, Uranus, and Saturn.

4. See footnote 2.

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Lemon Squeezer
From The Mountain Astrologer, June-July 2004 (1)

Q.   After five years of trying to conceive, my husband and I finally got pregnant, and I gave birth to our little girl in 2002. She is our miracle baby. As she grows up, I would like to give her the loving, fun, and happy home life I never had as a child. But I’m worried about the close conjunction between my Pluto and her Mars–Mercury near our ICs, opposing my Mars–Moon conjunction near our MC's. What good can come of these aspects? Also, my little girl's Moon squares her Pluto! How I can work with and embrace these aspects, to give her the love, happiness, and security she deserves? How can I make lemonade out of all these lemons? Please help!
Lemon Squeezer

A.   Clearly, your daughter is both an enormous blessing and a huge challenge. Are you up to it? You bet! Your daughter’s chart activates your (mainly) cardinal t-square, which sends your fight-or-flight response into overdrive. Your t-square includes eight planets, as well as your Ascendant and Midheaven/IC,1 so your baby’s arrival brings up separation anxiety, control issues, and fear that you may not be able to protect her or that she won’t like you.

Don’t allow this planetary pattern to overwhelm you. Reach beyond its limitations into the expansive perspective shown by the magnificent implied six-pointed star pattern formed by your entire chart, which enables you to transform your life and your relationship with yourself.2 If you empower yourself this way, every relationship will become enhanced, including the one with your daughter.

Birth Chart:  Lemon Squeezer
Natal Chart - Mom
Source: Birth Certificate

The archetypal six-pointed star pattern offers the potential to integrate spirit (the upward-pointing triangle) with matter (the downward-pointing triangle). It implies powerful challenges (three sets of oppositions) along with a multitude of blessings (two interlaced grand trines, with each point of the star sextiling the next). Although your chart does not complete the archetype, there is quite enough of this pattern to support your aspirations of creating a loving home and a happy childhood for your daughter, while effectively meeting any challenges.

What you need to make delicious lemonade (besides a juicer and some sugar) is self-management, which means choosing not to entertain your fears. Move beyond your t-square to your compelling grand trine and series of sextiles. Access your Mars–Moon conjunction in Aries at the Midheaven, for personal empowerment. Enjoy your daughter: Express your love, intuit her needs, and trust divine guidance (1st-house Venus–Mercury conjunction trine 5th-house Neptune trine 10th-house Moon–Mars.

Lemon Squeezer - BiWheel - Inner Daugher/Outer Mom
Inner Wheel - Daughter
Outer Wheel - Mom

Source: Birth Certificate

Your daughter’s chart pattern is an implied eight-pointed star, showing an energetic personality with the power to overcome obstacles.3 Can she make her own lemonade? Yes, and she’ll learn how through her relationship with you.

Accept that you are the perfect mom for this blessed little girl. Should problems develop between you in later years, call upon the accessible series of sextiles4 in your chart to create solutions. You have an abundance of maternal resources to call upon, when you’re not paralyzed by self-induced fear. The trust you’re building with your daughter now can be relied upon later.

Lemon Squeezer - Daughter's  Birth Chart
Natal Chart - Daughter
Source: Birth Certificate

Above all, let love override all else. Don’t allow your t-square to overwhelm the powerful gifts shown in your chart. Stop reading any and all astrology books that give negative interpretations that only feed your fears. And most of all, stay focused in the present moment. Ask yourself: “Am I enjoying my daughter now? And now? And now?” Remember, it’s your experience of each moment that, through the years, will create the close and strong bond you long for.

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