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1. According to Diana Rosenberg, astrology's foremost expert on fixed stars, as of 2000, Spica was at 23°Libra50', and Arcturus, at 23°Libra57'. These stars indicate (among other things) leadership, prominence, productivity, and artistic ability.

2. Uranus transit opposition natal Mars from May 19, 2002 - February 21, 2004; natal Venus from April 9, 2003 - February 2, 2005; natal Sun, from May 10, 2003 - February 20, 2005; transiting Pluto is conjunct the natal IC from January 8, 2004 - October 26, 2006, using 2° orbs.

3. Thanks to Astro-Numerics for providing the Astro*Carto*Graphy map for this column. Lines near onefs birthplace on the map will reflect natal planets that are angular in the birth chart.

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Longing For Connection
From The Mountain Astrologer, August-September 2004 (3)

Q.  I have reached a point in my life where I feel I need to make a major change or forever accept being alone without any friends or lovers. I am 48 years old, and I have been single for almost 20 years with no real "boyfriends" or sex partners. I live with my sweet pets, along with my youngest son who is just turning 18 and is very independent. I feel so lost right now.

I sense the state I live in is not going to grant me much more than I have now, and I think about moving to another state where the energy would possibly bring love and a feeling of importance in my life. I feel numb and without much joy other than my pets and my children. I have been thinking about Oklahoma or Texas, but I don't want to make a wrong move and become more isolated. Please help! I feel like an island in my own birthplace.
Longing For Connection

A.   It's no wonder you have a yearning to recreate your life in just the right location. You have recently been "reborn" into a brand new 30-year progressed lunation cycle (November 12, 2003). And the degree of your progressed New Moon (21°Libra40') is conjunct the beneficent fixed stars Spica and Arcturus, indicating that good things are part of the package.1

Relentlessly release the past, to truly complete the previous cycle and to seed this new cycle with the potential for the deep connections that you long for. A powerful series of Uranus oppositions helps to free you from outmoded inner states and outer relationships. Transiting Pluto approaching your IC (home and inner security) supports an inner realignment along with a major move, so naturally you're ready to jump ship!2

Muddled Guy's Birth Chart
Natal Chart - Longing For Connection
Source: Birth Certificate

Your current location (near your birthplace) is extremely close to your Mercury-Ascendant line, reflecting Mercury's placement in your natal chart.3 Mercury lines are particularly good for developing your mind as well as a career. Your ideas may set you apart from others, and this may be partly responsible for your feelings of isolation.

You might have better luck feeling connected at your Moon-IC line, which runs north/south at 93° west. This line falls very close to Oklahoma City and within range of Fort Worth/Dallas and Houston, thus supporting your relocation choices. This line also lies near New Orleans, Memphis, Kansas City, Indianapolis, and Minneapolis, so consider those places too.

As with any important situation, astrology is just one factor to consider. I encourage you to research any cities you're serious about, investigate the housing and job markets, the climate, and the likelihood of finding people who share your perspective on life.

Your 12th-house Virgo planets (Sun, Venus, and Mercury) trine your 4th-house Capricorn Moon show your tendency to be somewhat withdrawn — until now. Due to the existing celestial environment and your upcoming move, you have an extraordinary opportunity to reinvent yourself. Ask yourself: "Who do I want to become now?" And hold that vision, as you leave your cocoon behind and fly free!

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