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1. Transiting Neptune conjoins natal Venus from March 24, 2004 to January 15, 2007; the natal Ascendant from April 26, 2005 to February 3, 2008; transiting Uranus square the Midheaven from April 11, 2004 to February 6, 2006.

2. Astro*Carto*Graphy is a computer-generated map for relocational analysis, allowing one to choose a location to live, work, or visit, that is resonant with one's being.

3. The progressed Moon conjoined the natal Ascendant on August 22, 2004; transiting Jupiter is in the 10th house from December 28, 2006 to December 10, 2007.

4. A t-square is a challenging planetary configuration where two planets (or sets of planets) are in opposition to each other, and each is also at 90° to a third planet (or set of planets). The “focal point” is the planet located 90° from the opposition. Both t-squares include the Ascendant and Descendant, as well as the Venus–Uranus opposition. This opposition is square to Neptune in the upward-pointing t-square; and to Mars, in the downward-pointing t-square.

The cadent houses are the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th. Since they precede angular houses (out-front activities), they represent activities that take place less visibly.

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Next Best Thing
From The Mountain Astrologer, August-september 2005 (2)  

Q.  I am a television host/actor/TV news anchor. The money doing commercials and hosting TV shows is fantastic, and I have a real passion for this work. But it is far easier getting a TV news job, even though the work for me is much less rewarding. I've been told by professionals, consultants, and viewers that I have star quality. I want to be big like Oprah or Rush, but my hope for any type of breakthrough is fading. Where should I be? What is the city where wealth, prosperity, opportunity, and passion await me, and when should I move there to get my career going?
— Next Best Thing

A. In our youth-obsessed culture, it must be incredibly challenging to be in your mid 40s and in a promising show business career that hasn’t yet gelled. With your biological clock ticking, the intense need to know whether your dream can become reality is understandable, but patience and flexibility are what the next few years demand. You are facing several enormous planetary challenges that don’t support a quick fix.

These once-in-a-lifetime celestial events require you to transcend your normal perspective in order to evolve. Currently, Neptune (dissolution) conjoins both natal Venus (re-evaluation of what’s important to you) and the natal Ascendant (how you’re perceived by the world), leading to perplexing uncertainty. At the same time, transiting Uranus (breaking down of obsolete structures) squares your security axis, whose poles are the Midheaven (career) and the IC (home and family). The disorientation you feel is justified and won’t be resolved by simply moving elsewhere, though a move may indeed play a part in an eventual positive outcome.1

Birth Chart:  A Seeker
Natal Chart - Next Best Thing
Source: Birth Certificate

According to your Astro*Carto*Graphy map,2 your best career location is Denver, Colorado (slightly northeast is best), exactly on your Jupiter–Midheaven line (excellent for career enhancement), within range of the Sun–Ascendant line (where you feel most yourself), and avoiding the Mars–IC line to the west (where it’s difficult to feel secure and part of the community) and the Uranus–Descendant line to the east (which does not support consistent, long-term relationships).

Your progressed Moon recently crossed your Ascendant, so it’s not surprising that you feel more-than-ready for a quantum life change. However, you may need to wait until after November 2006 for a true "celestial rebirth" (progressed New Moon) concurrent with transiting Jupiter’s move into the natal 10th house (definite potential for career opportunity).3 However, it may take an additional year or so for you to understand exactly where this will lead (as transiting Neptune finally completes its conjunction to your Ascendant). The current time period is fraught with uncertainty, so I recommend that you begin to explore any career opportunities that the Denver area might offer, understanding that it will take time to develop them. Make your move, if and when there’s good reason to do so.

Meanwhile, consider this: Oprah’s power is her capacity to share her most personal experiences and feelings with her audience. Is this something you’re willing and able to do? This is not typical of Venus rising in Aquarius (which is also part of two dynamic t-squares).4 Rush Limbaugh is comfortable speaking his mind, no matter how outrageous his opinions may be, but are you ready to rock the world and face the extremely challenging consequences (your downward-facing t-square)?

Your 4th-house Gemini Moon trine Venus rising certainly shows a natural talent for communication (supported by Mars in the 3rd, trine the 11th-house Mercury), while Mars opposed to the 9th-house Jupiter reveals your need and capacity to serve a larger audience. However, with half of your planets in cadent houses,5 including the Midheaven ruler, Jupiter (career), I wonder whether you aren’t better suited to playing a somewhat less self-revealing role.

Venus rising in Aquarius, involved in the double t-squares, shows a likeable — even charismatic — independent spirit whose dreams of a big future can potentially manifest, with a bit of tweaking. As you move through the next few years, ask yourself, “What is true success?” and allow your heart to reveal the answer, as your life path unfolds.


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