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On the Move
From The Mountain Astrologer, June-July 2003 (2)

Q.  My husband and I are planning to relocate to the area around Jackson, Mississippi, to be nearer my family and friends. We will move at the end of June from our present home in Dallas. Is this area going to be good for us on many levels? 
—On the Move

A. According to your Astro*Carto*Graphy map, (see Wife's Map below) Dallas has been a diversely complex home for you, Sharon, with four planetary lines within range. The strongest of these is Jupiter/Midheaven, which lands directly on Dallas, pointing to the potential for opportunities galore, plentiful success, easy access to the “rich and famous,” not to mention recognition of your accomplishments. This is considered one of the most desirable lines to live near. The Moon/Ascendant is also strong, indicating that you’re particularly attuned to the needs of others there and resonant with your surroundings. Further away, but still effective is the Sun/Ascendant, allowing your natural charisma to inspire others.

Wife's Relocation Map

Wife's Map

However, the weakest of the four lines, Uranus/IC, can impart a sense of impermanence and a feeling of not being connected to the place you call home, which is amplified by your progressed IC conjoining natal Uranus. (See Wife's Chart below) Coupled with the transiting Saturn–Pluto opposition that has been squaring your natal Moon–Sun conjunction over the past several years, this is clearly enough to have created a deep sense of unrest and a yearning for stability and connection to family. Jackson, Mississippi, is a less complicated place for you, with only one planetary line in the vicinity. Your Neptune/Descendant is within range and strong there. One positive way to use this energy is by connecting to spirit. You may choose to focus on enhancing the spiritual dimension of your marriage or, perhaps, seek out a spiritual teacher. But do be careful, because, at your Neptune/Descendant line, you are as likely to attract a charlatan as a saint.

Natal Chart - On the Move Wife
Source: Birth Certificate

Of course, the astrology of location is only one factor that will affect your experience of your new home. Having your family there is an important connection for you. The powerful transiting and progressed aspects that I mentioned also travel with you wherever you go, of course. Those lessons must be learned, regardless of location; your new home will become the arena for that learning and growth.

Husband's Map

This move will be quite a different experience for your husband , who is leaving an exact Pluto/Midheaven city for a place with the same, but much more muted, planetary experience. (See Husband's Map to the right.) He should feel somewhat liberated from what many people experience as a heavy and challenging energy. Generally speaking, it is better to live further away from Pluto lines.

The most significant transit that your husband is encountering this year is Uranus square his Moon, which suggests that he may feel uprooted by this move. However, with his progressed Moon newly in his 4th house of home and hearth and Jupiter conjoining his Midheaven just after your move, he may discover that this change is for the better and that opportunities await him in his new surroundings.

Since you are moving in late June, you might wish to take advantage of the stabilizing influence of transiting Saturn trining your natal 4th-house Venus on June 23. On that same day, transiting Venus’s next aspect is a trine to your husband’s Part of Fortune in the 3rd, near his IC, also helpful.

Natal Chart - On the Move Husband
Source: Birth Certificate

As for your question, “Is this area going to be good for us?” Jackson will be a place of growth and learning for you both. Both of you are going through a time of considerable planetary challenges, so changing locations will not magically solve your problems. One question for you both to consider (and perhaps to journal on) as you make this transition is this: “What do I want to leave behind, and what do I choose to take with me into my new life?” If you both focus on deepening your relationship, as well as your individual personal growth, much can be gained from this shared experience.

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