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1. Including a 2° orb, the solar arc Ascendant/Descendant conjoin the nodes from December 6, 2004 to February 14, 2010, offering the possibility of personally meeting important supporters of your enterprise, over the next several years.

2. Including a 2° orb, transiting Saturn squared the natal Midheaven from July 28, 2004 to May 21, 2005 and the Sun from August 23, 2004 to June 18, 2005; trined natal Venus from August 31 to December 25, 2004. Transiting Pluto trines the natal Midheaven from February 9, 2003 to November 23, 2005 and the transiting North Node conjoined the Midheaven from April 25 to June 16, 2005.

3. A hemispheric pattern exists when all of the planets in a chart are contained within approximately 180°.

4. Transiting Saturn conjoins the natal Ascendant from September 20, 2005 to July 15, 2006.

To learn more about the progressed New Moon on October 29, 1992 and the progressed Full Moon on January 8, 2007, read The Lunation Cycle: A Key to Understanding of Personality by Dane Rudhyar, Aurora Press, 1967 and in the article, An Overview of Dane Rudhyar's Approach to Cycles (TMA, 2/98), by Nicki Michaels.

6.Transiting Pluto conjoins natal Jupiter from March 11, 2006 to September 16, 2009; transiting Neptune sextiles the Midheaven from April 17, 2006 to January 31, 2009; transiting Jupiter trines the natal Ascendant from December 30, 2006 to September 12, 2007, and the Midheaven from March 22, 2007 to November 19, 2007; transiting Saturn sextiles the natal Sun from October 13, 2006 to August 6, 2007; trines the Midheaven from September 13, 2006 to July 11, 2007; squares Venus from October 23, 2006 to August 12, 2007; and enters the 2nd house on August 15, 2007. Progressed Venus exactly squares the natal Midheaven on January 18, 2007.

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Portrait In Determination
From The Mountain Astrologer, August-September 2005 (3)  

Q.  In late 2004, I lost my job as Director of Marketing due to becoming symptomatic with a neurological movement disorder that I have had for 9 years. (Yes, my former employer isn't the most compassionate person.) Regardless, I have started my own company helping others, emotionally and spiritually, to cope with the adversity in their lives, especially those with disabilities. (I especially enjoy working with our wounded soldiers returning from Iraq.) I host a local cable TV talk show and have also published a book, all with the intent of helping others. With this new endeavor, is this the right career for me, and when can I expect to begin seeing a profitable financial return?
— A Portrait In Determination

A. The universe works in strange and miraculous ways that are best understood retrospectively. You undoubtedly would not have chosen the particular circumstances that led you to create your new business, but based on the planetary indicators, this cosmic kick in the butt has set you firmly on your Path. Yes, this is indeed a terrific career for you.

This past December, the solar arc Ascendant began its conjunction to the natal 2nd-house North Node, as you discovered your calling via a challenging "karmic connection"— your former boss (solar arc Descendant conjunct South Node).1 Beginning several months earlier, as you suffered a recurrence of your dormant neurological disorder, planetary challenges began to affect your physical vitality (transiting Saturn square natal Sun, ruler of your Leo Ascendant) and your career (transiting Saturn square natal Midheaven). The potent physical and emotional crisis that resulted (transiting Pluto square natal Moon) has led you to your true calling (transiting Pluto trine natal Midheaven with transiting North Node conjoining it). Your work now supports your intrinsic values (transiting Saturn trine natal Venus) and calls upon your latent talents as a crusading healer (natal 4th-house Neptune trine 12th-house Mars); that makes it much more powerful.2

Birth Chart:  Portrain In Determination
Natal Chart - Portrait In Determination
Source: Birth Certificate

You are at your most compelling when you reach out to others from your own personal experience (4th-house Libra Sun sextile 1st-house Uranus), offering systematic and practical advice (3rd-house Virgo Moon) with a spiritual component (4th-house Neptune in Scorpio and Mercury trine natal Mars). Your powerful natal 6th-house/12th-house Saturn—Mars opposition that forms the planetary boundary of your hemispheric-patterned chart is often the mark of the healer or the patient.3 However, remember that to remain a healer, you must care for yourself first of all, especially late this year and early next year during significant planetary stress (transiting Saturn conjoins natal Ascendant).4 Concentrate on staying centered, by asking yourself, "What is it to care for myself in the way I care for others?"

Look toward 2007 as the turning point for your business. Your progressed Full Moon occurs in January (the flowering phase of the cycle that began 15 years earlier)5 followed by major planetary activity stimulating the natal Midheaven (career), the Sun and Ascendant (your being), and focusing in the natal 5th house (creative expression). As you continue to build your business conscientiously, you'll be rewarded in late 2007 (as transiting Saturn trines the Midheaven and sextiles the Sun before entering the natal 2nd house). Success will surely demand major decisions that will challenge you to reassess what's important to you and what direction you want to take (transiting Saturn square natal Venus and progressed Venus square natal Midheaven).6  Deep reflection on your purpose will be the best way for you to discover these answers.


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