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The 15th degrees of the fixed signs are the midpoints of the solstices and equinoxes. To find out more, read Dane Rudhyar's The Astrology of Personality - A Reformulation of Astrological Concepts and Ideals in terms of Contemporary Psychology and Philosophy, published by Aurora Press, pp. 208-209.

2. I recommend Taming Your Gremlin - A Guide to Enjoying Yourself, by Richard D. Carson, which offers excellent tools for overcoming negative inner voices.

3. The 2nd house rules everything you've got to get what you want, including your intelligence, networking connections, charm, and good looks.

4. I consider a slow-moving planetary transit to begin when the transiting planet is within a 2-degree orb of the natal planet and complete when it leaves that orb for the final time. Including the 2-degree orb, transiting Pluto conjoins natal Mercury from December 19, 2003 to December 9, 2005.

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Relentlessly Burdened
From The Mountain Astrologer, February-March 2004 (1)

Q. I have been an Intensive Care RN for the past 10 years, after making a career change due to a divorce that compelled me to earn more money. I'm a faithful and dedicated nurse; I love my job. I value the pursuit of knowledge, beauty, and virtue, am never ill, look 10 years younger than my age, and have wonderful relationships with my children and the man I love.

Now for the proverbial fly in the chardonnay - my financial situation dogs me relentlessly. Money worries plague and paralyze me. I filed for bankruptcy in 1997. I live incredibly frugally, and still the credit rating plummets yearly due to procrastination, juggling, and inability to deal with money. This one area of my life causes me ten times more stress than anything else that I do. How and when do I begin to free myself from this decades-long burden? I have given up and started over so many times; is this a life-long burden?
Relentlessly Burdened

A. You're an incredibly confident and competent person, shown by your gregarious Sagittarius Ascendant and the concordant trine from your 1st-house Mercury, Venus, and Sun to your 9th-house Moon-Pluto. You are charismatic, caring, smart, insightful, and totally capable of getting a grip on your money problems.

The divorce, which catapulted you into your financial doldrums, occurred just before your progressed New Moon, at 15? Aquarius, a particularly powerful zodiacal degree, in your 2nd house of finances and material resources.1 Also in the 2nd house, the natal North Node in Capricorn promises psychological integration, releasing the relentless oppression around money by mastering the very issues you struggle with.

Natal Chart - Relentlessly Burdened
Source: Birth Certificate

First, acknowledge that it's not "money worries" that plague and paralyze you: You do it to yourself! Practice self-management by keeping your worrisome Virgo Moon under control; quiet those inner voices that immobilize you.2 Call on your higher self with meditation, or whatever soothes your soul and connects you to your power.

Your 8th-house South Node and Uranus in Cancer square Neptune on the cusp of the 11th advise caution when pooling resources with others, whether investing in a friend's brilliant business scheme or getting caught short financially through divorce. Don't allow your spontaneously generous nature to get the better of you.

Instead, rely on your no-nonsense 2nd-house North Node to focus on grounding and developing your personal resources (finances are only one level of them); you will grow profoundly and benefit greatly.3 And since the rest of your life seems to be working so well, take some tips from yourself and your mate about what would make you successful here, too. Try revamping your financial plan based on what works for you in other areas.

Clearly, procrastination will not do. Call on your 11th-house Mars-Saturn conjunction, in harmonious sextile to both your 9th-house Moon-Pluto and your 1st-house planets, by enrolling the active support of friendly collaborators to help you create a spending plan and stick to it. With true cooperation, this will not mean giving away your power, but rather reclaiming your initiative by enlisting the wisdom and hands-on support of friends, family, and financial professionals - whatever and whoever works best for you.

Fix your sights on your upcoming progressed Full Moon (March 2008), potentially a time of fulfillment and reorientation, as a target date to get yourself caught up, no matter what it takes. Use transiting Pluto's current conjunction to your natal Mercury4 to be brutally honest as you ask yourself "What will it take to get what I want?" and then manifest it!

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