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1. "When a planet is in a sign that is ruled by another planet [its dispositor], it is supposed to be so influenced by the planet that rules the sign in which it is placed, as in effect to alter its nature." — Nicholas deVore, Encyclopedia of Astrology, Littlefield, Adams & Co., 1976, p. 126.

2. The first Saturn return occurs for each of us around the age of 30. Read more about this important cycle in Transits of Saturn: Critical Ages in Adult Life by Marc Robertson, AFA, 1976. Including 2° orbs, transiting Saturn opposed the natal Moon from January 20 through November 24, 1986 and conjoined natal Saturn from November 27, 1986 through September 19, 1987; transiting Jupiter opposed the natal Ascendant from April 21 through May 9, 1987; the Progressed Moon conjoined the Midheaven on November 24, 1987 (no orb).

3. Including 2° orbs, transiting Neptune squares the natal Sun from April 1, 2004 through January 21, 2007; transiting Jupiter conjoined the Ascendant from November 23, 2004 through August 17, 2005; transiting Uranus squares the natal Moon from March 2, 2005 through December 14, 2006.

4. You might try the Berkeley Psychic Institute, which has an excellent reputation and offers online classes.

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Reluctant Psychic
From The Mountain Astrologer, December-January 2006 (3)

Q.  I am 47 and have experienced several unusual and notable psychic experiences since around age 30. These range from accurate premonitions, precognitive dreams, very accurate ability to read intentions of acquaintances of family members (without ever meeting them), and other intense experiences that were subsequently validated. Do you see some clear-cut indication of this in my natal chart? Am I making more of this than needed? Will it get stronger as I age? I am not sure what to do with it.
Reluctant Psychic

A.   As you might expect, your birth chart has several planetary indicators of heightened perception that might explain the phenomena you describe. The natal Sun square Uranus shows a highly responsive nervous system, which could explain your powerful intuition; Jupiter rising in Libra, along with natal Mars and Neptune in Scorpio conjunct in the 1st house, explains a natural resonance with others to the point that your own boundaries can, at times, become fuzzy. The 1st-house Mars–Neptune placement may also account for your insightful dreams. It makes sense that your awareness projects beyond the normal range, amplified by natal Mercury in Scorpio square to its dispositor, Pluto.1 This is also accentuated by your sensitive Gemini Moon, which squares natal Pluto, showing a natural depth of knowing beyond the apparent.

Birth Chart:  Perched on the Edge
Natal Chart - Reluctant Psychic
Source: Birth Certificate

Although these planetary placements explain your intuitive capacity, it's also true that others with similar planetary potential might not have the potent experiences you describe. Thankfully, your chart also comes with a planetary "on/off switch"— natal Moon opposite Saturn — which may explain why you weren't overrun with psychic flotsam and jetsam as a child. By learning to access this switch, you can exert some control over these incidents.

It's fascinating that your unusual episodes didn't begin until around your first Saturn return. Just before this time, transiting Saturn opposed the natal Moon (the on/off switch), and following your Saturn return, transiting Jupiter opposed your finely tuned natal Ascendant and the Progressed Moon crossed the natal Midheaven — all unlocking your natural intuitive capacities.2

You ask "Am I making more of this than needed?" This heightened awareness clearly disturbs you, and because society doesn't acknowledge the validity of such perceptions, it's hard to know how to usefully apply this talent. Due to powerful planetary contacts over the past few years and over the next several years, it's possible that these experiences are stronger now.3 Whether these perceptions continue to wax or eventually wane your choice.

Ask yourself these questions: "On a scale of 1 to 10, how uncomfortable does this make me feel? What useful purpose can this awareness serve? And if I could wave a magic wand, would I choose to eradicate these precognitive experiences, or learn to meaningfully apply them?"

If you can feel comfortable accepting this special gift, then I suggest you get some formal training so you can make more artful use of what can become a powerful tool. If you just wish it would go away, then learn to harness your strong Moon–Saturn opposition, and practice closing the doors to the other realm that you naturally access with such ease. Like any other natural aptitude, if and how you choose to develop it is very much up to you.4

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