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1. A t-square is a challenging planetary configuration where two planets (or sets of planets) are in opposition to each other, and each is also at 90° to a third planet (or set of planets). The "focal point" is the planet located 90° from the opposition.

2. This could represent a mother who was either emotionally distant, unavailable, missing — or alcoholic.

3. A grand trine is a triangular configuration with a planet or set of planets at each point, 120° apart. It is considered a great gift, astrologically, but is often overlooked by the native.

4. To transpersonalize means to commit yourself to a life of higher service, thus positively channeling the powerful energies in your chart to release you from their negative expression in your personal life. "A transpersonal process (can) imply a 'descent' of spiritual power focusing itself through a person..." Dane Rudhyar, From Humanistic to Transpersonal Astrology.

5. Last Quarter Square phase is in effect from January 21, 2004 to March 11, 2008. Learn more about the Progressed Lunation Cycle from The Lunation Cycle: A Key to Understanding of Personality by Dane Rudhyar, Aurora Press, 1967 and in the article, An Overview of Dane Rudhyar's Approach to Cycles (TMA, 2/98), by Nicki Michaels.

6. Including 2° orbs for all outer-planet transits, transiting Uranus opposes natal Uranus from March 19, 2005 to January 13, 2007; opposed Pluto from March 27, 2006 to January 22, 2008; sextiled the Sun from March 13, 2004 to February 11, 2005; and trines the Ascendant from April 9, 2004 to December 19, 2005. The progressed Sun conjoins the IC from March 1, 2002 to February 9, 2006; transiting Neptune conjoins the IC from February 28, 2004 to December 22, 2006.

7. Quote from a "Rumi Illustrated" greeting card by Brush Dance.

8. Including 2° orbs for all contacts, transiting Saturn opposed natal Mercury from July 22, 2004 to May 11, 2005; sextiled the Moon from August 20, 2004 to May 28, 2005; opposes Venus from August 5, 2005 to May 25, 2006; squares the Ascendant from August 19, 2005 to June 13, 2006; and conjoins the Midheaven from July 30 to August 30, 2006. Transiting Jupiter sextiles the Midheaven from December 11, 2004 to August 22, 2005 and conjoins the Ascendant from November 14 to December 4, 2005.

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Soul Searcher
From The Mountain Astrologer, August-September 2005 (1)

Q.  Why am I rejected by those I love? My whole life I have been shoved away and made to feel like people would have a better life if I were not around — with the huge exception of my sister. (She is great!) Is it karma, or is there something in the placement of a planet that does this? I know I chose my life. I would like to know where the rejection issue comes from, so I can accept it easier and maybe move through it to a better place. Please help me to see and understand this lifelong burden in a different light.
Soul Searcher

A.   What a cogent question, asked at a powerful moment when deeper understanding, and therefore true transformation, can occur. From an astrological perspective, the answer to your "why" question constellates around your natal t-square1 involving your 7th-house Taurus Moon (reflecting the capacity to fit in anywhere in order to gain much-desired social acceptance); the Moon's opposition to 1st-house Neptune in Scorpio (uncertainty about one's own identity, perhaps due to abandonment on some level by the mother)2 and its square to 4th-house Saturn in Aquarius (deep insecurities fed by an unforgiving early-childhood environment).

The pattern established at a young age may have led you to become attached to individuals who are incapable of committed love. There's a tendency to mold yourself into what you think others want, rather than risk being yourself (the t-square). As a result, you may attract dysfunctional, unsatisfying relationships, continually repeating the pattern of rejection.

Birth Chart:  Soul Searcher
Natal Chart - Soul Searcher
Source: Birth Certificate

A more relevant question to ask now is: "How do I want it to be?" Your nurturing, intuitive, and self-sustaining instincts are shown by your capable 7th-house Taurus Moon. You have an uncanny ability to suss out others' motives, if you but listen to yourself! The Moon is also part of a grand trine3 including the Sun (the heart of who you are), Mars (your capacity to get what you want), and Mercury (your capacity for critical thinking), and the powerful conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo (a planetary directive to use your talents for the good of many).

This grand trine perfectly complements your powerful t-square; taken together, these two aspect patterns indicate ease, grace, compassion, and the capacity to attract exactly what you need in service of your higher calling (the grand trine), as well as the tenacity, caring, and commitment to fulfill your destiny (the t-square).

To heal your personal life, transpersonalize your orientation4 by harnessing your naturally caring capacities toward the higher good. Involve yourself in compelling projects that support others, which will eventually release the "spell" cast on your personal relationships. Be true to a higher calling. You will then attract the personal life you want and deserve.

Use this time during the Last Quarter square phase of your Progressed Lunation Cycle,5 to create a life of deeper meaning, releasing the resentments and disappointments of the past and at the same time acknowledging the richness that you have created for yourself. Enroll your sister as your ally in this life transformation, to support you in letting go and moving forward. This period is also marked by transiting Uranus's opposition to natal Pluto and to its own birth position (the classic midlife crisis), as it trines the natal Ascendant and sextiles the natal Sun, allowing you to acquire an authentic sense of purpose. This is supported both by your progressed Sun and transiting Neptune conjoining the natal IC (allowing a deep connection to spirit even as you release your painful past).6

Ask yourself "What is it to feel myself being quietly drawn by the deeper pull of what I truly love?"7 as you develop a sense of connection to yourself. Both grounding you and expanding your potential for life-altering change are Jupiter and Saturn's series of contacts, this year and next.8 Allow these planets to empower you to release negative perspectives, as you begin to embrace expansiveness and true connection in relationship.

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