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1. The only other lines affecting the U.S. are a Sun-IC/Pluto-Ascendant combination along the West Coast, and Uranus-Ascendant through the middle of the country; neither of these would be a recommended move.

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Teacher Learning
From The Mountain Astrologer, Aug-Sept 2003 (3)

Q.   I have a degree in teaching elementary school but I haven't been able to find a job in my field for 7 years, and I'm discouraged. It's difficult finding a teaching job in my current location (Lincoln, New Hampshire). I want to do something to improve my odds of finding a teaching job, or else try to return to college to improve my odds of having a steady career, perhaps in the health field, as there are more jobs in that area here. Should I relocate or try to return to college? It feels like I have struggled a great deal in my life, and I really want job security and fulfillment —which I am not getting as a cleaning maid.
—Teacher Ready To Learn

A.  I can certainly understand your discouragement. Seven years of working for low pay and no respect is awful! You are well suited to your choice of elementary school teacher (Jupiter and the North Node in the 3rd house of early education), so I wouldn't give up yet on finding a good job in your field, even though many educational systems are facing budgetary strains these days.

Planetary activity in your chart supports major change this year. You are challenged to be realistic about what's not working in your life (transiting Saturn square natal Sun/Pluto), let go of outdated patterns that immobilize you (transiting Neptune square natal Moon), identify what really matters to you now (transiting Uranus square natal Venus), and then act on it (Saturn trine the Ascendant, sextile the Moon, and Jupiter sextile the Ascendant)!

Natal Chart - TeacherLearning
Natal Chart - Teacher Learning
Source: Birth Certificate

Now through December 8th is an excellent time to focus on career development (transiting Jupiter in your 10th house), so try one more local job search before planning a move. According to your Astro*Carto*Graphy map, your current location is a neutral zone, since there are no planetary lines within range to either support or hinder you there.

If nothing happens soon, I suggest that you search for a new location that will fully sustain you. The most supportive planetary influence in the United States for you (unencumbered by other planetary lines)1 is Jupiter-IC, which is very close to Denver, Colorado; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and El Paso, Texas. (Also check other towns within 400 miles of this line, which runs north/south at 104° West longitude.) Although not specifically career related, Jupiter-IC is excellent for developing a sense of inner worth, for putting down roots, and for success on many levels. If you can find a teaching opportunity close to this Jupiter line, make your move and don't look back!

Your natural capacity to be a passionate and caring patient advocate (as evidenced by your 1st-house stellium opposing an angular Moon exalted in Taurus) implies that nursing is indeed a good choice as an alternate profession. Your Scorpio Ascendant and planets reveal an innate physicality that, combined with your caring nature, could also make you a great physical therapist, especially working with children (Mercury/Neptune on 2nd-house cusp). Before choosing a new profession, though, make sure there are jobs available in that field. Good luck with your career, and may the planets be with you.

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