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1. The t-square includes the Moon, Mercury, and Venus near the Midheaven, opposite Saturn and Neptune at the IC, squaring 12th-house Uranus. Since Jupiter opposes Neptune (part of the t-square) and because the Sun is conjunct Jupiter, these planets hold a special relationship to the t-square.

2. Progressed Venus and the Moon trined the IC on August 5, 2003 and November 12, 2003, respectively.

3. Transiting Neptune squares Mars from April 12, 2003 through November 10, 2005, while transiting Saturn squares Venus from September 26, 2003 through July 5, 2004 and squares the IC from June 27, 2004 through July 28, 2004, using 2° orbs.

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Wondering About Wandering
From The Mountain Astrologer, June-July 2004 (2)

Q.   I am in the midst of a beautiful and expansive, yet frightening life transition. I closed my longtime practice and sold my house, to travel for a year (in December 2002). I've made new friends and had marvelous adventures. My typical Taurean steadfastness and groundedness have managed amazingly well with all the changes: a single, 51-year-old woman living out of a small RV/van, exploring the wilds of our country. I have finally found my "new home" in a new state and am now yearning to put down roots again. I’ll most likely develop a practice here, as I had before. Is it a beneficial time for me to be making commitments to buy a home? Settle now? Or continue to travel more? I am pulled in different directions and oddly reluctant to take on the full-blown responsibilities I've always shouldered, yet I yearn for my own life/surroundings. 
— Wondering About Wandering

A. You certainly are a more complex critter than the average earthbound Sun sign. While your 10th-house Taurus Sun is naturally grounding, its close conjunction to natal Jupiter in Aries and its loose involvement in a powerful angular t-square convey a more daring spirit than that of the typical bovine.1

As part of this t-square, your retrograde Saturn–Neptune conjunction straddling the IC speaks to your deep-seated restlessness — craving security yet often feeling tethered to life’s demands. These planets, opposed to Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in Aries straddling your Midheaven, amplify your innate restiveness, quenched only by a lifelong pursuit of philosophical studies and travel (9th-house planets and Sun–Jupiter conjunction). The apex of your t-square, Uranus in Cancer in the 12th, supports all of the above while imparting a lightning-fast, intuitive, and inquisitive mind (square to 9th-house Mercury and Venus).

Birth Chart - Wondering About Wandering
Natal Chart - Wondering About Wandering
Source: Birth Certificate

Your year-long vision quest was invaluable, and your timing is divine. You set off on your journey several months after progressed Moon opposed natal Ascendant (in August 2002), often a signal of a major life shift. Supported by the exact trine of progressed Sun to natal Neptune near your IC and transiting Jupiter and Pluto sextiling your IC, you began your personal hajj, seeking a new life in a new home that will both nurture your spirit and support your being, while having grand adventures along the way.

You found that home within months of both progressed Moon and Venus trining your natal IC, a sign that your intuition led you well.2 So, why are you now feeling conflicted, wondering whether to continue wandering or stake your claim? This is another manifestation of your t-square at work, anchored by those harbingers of unrest: Saturn–Neptune conjunct the IC. And there’s more.

Transiting Neptune continues its square to natal Mars (retrograde in the 4th) and transiting Saturn squares Venus–IC,3 adding to your unease around major commitments. What to do? Be creative; call upon your vast reservoirs of resources (natal Pluto on the cusp of the 2nd house trining both Jupiter and Venus in the 10th) to create community in your new home while remaining footloose and fancy free until it’s time to completely settle down. Ask yourself: “How can I use everything I’ve got to get what I want?”

You’ll feel more like staying put next January, as transiting Jupiter enters your 4th house on January 2, 2005, followed by transiting Neptune’s trine to natal IC in April. You’ll be even more fully committed by the summer, as Saturn crosses your Ascendant on July 7th, and feeling truly at home by the end of the year, as transiting Neptune completes its square to natal Mars. Meanwhile, continue to enjoy this special time, feeding both your adventurous spirit and your enquiring mind.

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